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15% Interest Lending Opportunity in FL

Nicholas Saltzman

Hi, my name is Nick Saltzman and I operate fix n flip business in the greater St Petersburg FL area.  I am an experienced investor looking to raise capital for our newest project. Close date in April 27th 2023.  Details below.


15% annualized return (monthly interest payments)

12 month term

Recorded mortgage

Promissory note




  1. Nicholas Saltzman

    If you are waiting on the sidelines to get into lending, this is the opportunity.  Even if you don’t have the requested amount, reach out and I’ll see what I can do.  I am an experienced rehabber and want to help others get into the game.  This is a straight forward deal: rehab budget is verified, deal set to close, solid comp and a personal track record of 12 flips completed.