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15% ROI yearly starting from $6,990-$10,990 bundles possible, perfect for first time investors

Robin Seib

15% ROI yearly starting from $6,990-$10,990 bundles possible, perfect for first time investors

You are looking to make your first investment? Or you are a seasoned investor looking to diversify your portfolio? We offer fully managed portfolios of land properties to lend money on and cashflow your money monthly with 15% annual returns. Everything backed by first position loans on land properties that we own and that are sold on contract for deeds. Even if our buyer defaults you get paid.

We currently offer a end of the year sale with 15% interest rates instead of 14%. 


This is what you get:

– Cash flowing properties as a collateral

– 15% interest rate on an amortisation loan

– You don’t deal with end buyers, just with us a professional land investing company

– One stop shop: we take care of the paperwork and the monthly payments and in case of default remarketing and selling the property, and you don’t need to take care of foreclosures

– Even in the case buyer defaults, we take care that you get paid 

– Diversify your portfolio through investing in multiple properties instead of one

– Buy multiple properties at the same time and build different income streams from them

– Get paid monthly through ACH

– Even when we default there is already a minimum of 10% Equity from the contract itself + difference to market value 

We are a land investing company with a deal count of 1000+ deals in the past four years. We know the market for vacant land really well and take care of you and your money. In the last 4 years we raised over $10,000,000 in private money for land investments. 

If you are interested write me an email to or send me a text to 302 428 9984.


    • Robin Seib

      Hey David,

      sure we can have a conversation about the opportunity. How about we connect on a zoom call and talk through the stuff?

      Find my calendly link here and lets schedule something and find a way to invest together.

      Best Regards