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Accelerated coaching program.

Tim Stottle

I just signed up for the Accelerator Coaching program. Thanks, Joal, for your help.  Looking forward to hearing from other members that will be attending.


  1. Noah Harris

    Hey Tim, Jay, and Gold.  Coach Noah here!  I am looking forward to working with you!  Great job on sharing about your upcoming experience with the Accelerator Program.  Private Money Lending is relationship based and making a post like this is a great step (for a lender or borrower).   Can’t wait to help you hit your PML goals.

  2. George de paz

    hello everyone I am excited to hear the exightment   To have a coaching session 

    I need to be on it , I was a bit out of commition,  got hospitalized, for 16 days

    now I don’t know if I can participate of it’s over , if it’s possible,   Is my email

    or 7024432573 is my #  thank you all ,

  3. Angie Hubbell

    Morning, all–hope everyone’s having a great week.  I finished my first draft of the homework last night and was hoping I could run it by the group. Thanks in advance for any feedback.  🙂

    Happy Thanksgiving to all who celebrate!
    Looking for a lender who wants to create win-win relationships? Through some amazing circumstances, I began funding needs-based college scholarships to students from my hometown more than 10 years ago and subsequently was able to retire from my day job at age 50, but I grew up in a home with food insecurity and came very close to being a high school dropout. I was able to pay for 4 years of college and 3 years of law school using the GI Bill and academic scholarships. I’ve learned that adversity teaches us a lot more than privilege ever will—people are amazingly resilient.  Sometimes, all we all need is a break at the right time or someone to listen and believe in us. I look forward to building new lending relationships with likeminded individuals who are committed to helping others and giving back to their communities. It’s really easy to work with me. I make quick decisions and can fund deals fast. Just like a bank, I require a mortgage (or Deed of Trust), a promissory note, a personal guarantee, and to be listed with the insurance as a loss payee. I am looking for opportunities that are expected to be 18 months or less, and I can lend up to 75% of the ARV for properties you will flip and 70% of LTV for rental properties.
    Does working with me sound like a good fit for you?  If so, let’s grab some time together and talk about ways we may be able to help each other.  I look forward to meeting you.