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Accountability & Skin in the game

Steven Daley

Good Morning All,

I hope this post finds you all in good health. I am new to the group and I wanted to know if the membership fee that is in place with PMC is that basically in place to have serious members involved with the group as oppose to members who come in and may window shop or as a tire kicker?  I am asking for better understanding about the membership fee. I also believe the fee has been in place to provide a safe haven for members to conduct business in good faith. My apologies if my post may come across as a novice but I am interested in knowing how to move forward in this arena. Your patience and insight on this topic is greatly appreciated.


Steven Daley


  1. Gold Tran

    Good Evening Steven!

    Although the forums are free, being a paid member helps to prevent people from getting spammed by people who intend to do harm to the community but there are a lot of benefits which the person whom you scheduled a call with will answer. My biggest reason for joining was that I myself need to feel that if I don’t pay for certain things I won’t take it as seriously as if it was free. But I’ve gained so much knowledge in such a short amount of time since being here and the monthly 2 hours calls are excellent because Chris and team are there to help you and answer questions you may have and it’s a great time to learn and be around people who have been doing this longer and get a feel for whether you really want to stick around or not.