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Any Wholesalers here? Looking to lend to help close deals

Johny Omaga

Are there any wholesalers here? I’m a transactional lender looking to assist in swift and seamless deal closures. Whether it’s earnest money deposits, double closings, or any creative financing solutions to ensure your deal gets across the finish line, I’m here to help. Let’s connect and make some successful deals together.


  1. MarkN

    Hi Johny,
    I generate highly lucrative Off/On-Market Leads Inventory; CEO/Director/Manager/Member- 7ACO/AMNA-HOME: CRE- Asset-based revenue of profitable DSCR in post-acquisition. Several SFRs in exclusive and prominent areas for buy & hold long-term and short-term leasing. Presently working to reassemble my disposition and finance team to hedge new assets. Please contact me at:

  2. Oneal Hodges

    Investors  if you are equity  rich  and cash poor !  Investors do you have cash flowing properties  that you can’t refinance  or  need cash for next investments !  I can help if you having cash flowing properties !
    No Appraisals
    We underwrite your property ourselves.
    No Credit Checks
    We believe you are more than a number.
    Closing in 5 days
    You read that right, we are lightning fast.

    send deals to –  O’Neal Hodges

  3. MisoTacoz

    Hello Johny Omaga,

    I’m Mike I started Mike’s Quick Transport LLC when working for a delivery company paying low wages and no benefits working overtime but no OT pay.  One day I had a delivery of like 40 50lb plus boxes of shirts for some event at a lawyers office. They wanted me to put them where they wanted in the basement around so many corners and stock them nearly. The same day I contacted legal zoom. Seen on indeed companies hiring contractors or LLC to do furniture or appliances delivery for 250k to 350k per year. So I continued to get the ball rolling have submitted resume had interview have my employees ready to roll and approved by Ras . Have the dot number and almost everything ready to start minus the workers comp insurance and the motor carriers insurance and the down payment for the 26 foot box truck. Just a few k to get rolling ASAP. I get money back too the first week I’ll get 1.5 k bonus and another 1.5 k bonus the following week and then also the pay which is $800 per day Monday to Saturday. Which is $4,800.00 weekly 249,000 year. After payroll and fees the business will still have profit of average $33,000 annually profit. Paychecks charges $40 per week to run payroll. It’s all set up. Legal shield is $99.00 for the business monthly. It covers the business for all 50 states with high end law firms and attorneys and Canada is covered. The workers comp I have two quotes one is pay as you go but it depends if paychecks learns how to write the quote properly so RAS can accept it it’s 580 down and 580 the following month then pay as I pay payroll it can go up or down avg she said is 11k. The other is 685 down for 680 for 10 months. Then motor carriers is 2700 down and 2270 monthly for 10 months. Then the Ryder truck with RAS it’s no more than 1250 down and 525 weekly and .12 cents a mile. All I need is literally like 5k to 7k to start rolling immediately.  And RAS can write the contract everything else is approved. Feel free to reach me if your interested. I could pay back double paying monthly if you lend 6k I’ll pay 12k 1 k per month.

    Thanks Johny ,

    Mike’s Quick Transport LLC

    Michael Habalou owner founder



  4. sjstancil

    Johny, I have a fast-close deal. It will likely take ten days to two weeks to close. The ARV is $865,000, and the purchase price is $625,000. No repairs are needed, and the house is in perfect condition. I’m putting $100,000 in. We will clean, touch up a few paint items, and immediately list the house for sale. The neighborhood is highly desirable and typically sells very quickly. Email your terms: