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Are you CONNECTING? Always GREAT running into other PMC members!

Michelle & Vin / Texas / 210-940-0112

You know you are in the right rooms and making the right moves when you run into other PMC members at different events throughout the U.S.!


Are you maximizing the opportunities here in PMC? What is your biggest need and want? How could you be doing better/more? Is there something you would change?


Comment below, anything we can do to help you in your journey, drop us a DM.



  1. Bill Cavanaugh

    This year has taken me in an unexpected direction and i have not been able to attend any of the PMC networking/ learning events.  🙁

    I am looking forward to getting this year settled and plan to make it a priority asap!  I am desperate to start shaking hands of the many friends i have met.

    It is exciting to think you are connecting outside of PMC and only adds value and credibility to the platform!

    Thanks for sharing!