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Alfred Ramirez

Hey you guys!!!!!! Is there anyone out there? I just want to see how active this site is. I have been looking at the forums and really don’t see any activity at all. How many are actually making deals and doing loans? I would love to connect with either to see how we can help each other out. It’s hard to build a relationship if there are no people in a group to build it with.



Thank you

Alfred Ramirez


  1. Chris Naugle

    To date PMC and its community members have done well over 100 million in deals, there are almost 6000 members and deals get done every day. Again just showing up and asking a pointless question in a forum is not a good guage of activity.  Go to the deals page and ask if anyone has funded deals, be specific, hope on Money Club Monday and get around the campfire with other members.  Do you go on FB or instagram and just say Checking in expecting a bunch of people to say OMG Ive been waiting for you?  No it takes time and work to build relationships and a name in any community this is no different.  the question is are you willing to commit what it takes.  Choice is yours.  Ask members in the deal section if they are having success.  The premier members are doing wonderful.  Hope this helps you on your journey in PMC.

    • Jonathan & Joaquin

      Chris, while I agree with the majority of your response, I think the lack of engagement from community members in posts is what likely prompted Alfred’s “check in” thread. After looking over the posts from the last 30 days, you’ll notice many have ‘0’ replies. Sure there’s the onsies and twosies that have a few responses but it’s not consistent.  I personally think that’s one of the most important metrics in gauging whether a community is ‘alive’ and doing well. To your statement of whether one would go on FB or instagram and just say ‘checking in’ and expect responses from others, the obvious answer is no you wouldn’t do that simply because you can see the activity on the timeline of the group you’re in where others are making posts/comments, and gauge right away whether it’s a highly active group or not. This is coming from someone who’s very active and in two of the largest real estate groups on FB. I don’t think he meant that as a ‘shot’ at you, this platform or the community. I think more than anything it was meant as an engagement post, and to my point aside from yourself there’s only one other community member out of a community of almost 6,000 that engaged or commented on Alfred’s post. I may be wrong in saying this, but wouldn’t a community only benefit from more engagement from it’s members on the open forum?

      To Alfred, the only thing I could recommend for you would be to echo what Chris mentioned and show up to the MCM and actively engage with the others while there. Also, I’d make it a habit of consistently responding to others posts as much as possible because to Chris’s point, if folks don’t know who you are, you’re not being loud enough my friend, and one sure way to be loud is to be hyper visible. Good luck!