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Chris Rood Deal! $600k Needed!! 12% Interest. Put those little green men to work!

Andrew Chesnutt (RAL Certified)

Still need an additional $500k for this deal. Let me know if you’ve got some cash to put to work.


Amount Needed: $600k

The land is 10.385 acres off East Milton Ave in Milton, LA.

Property is all frontage and is in one of the hottest areas in his town. Land is being purchased for $50k/acre but property near it has sold recently for $200k/acre. Rood’s listing the property for $150k/acre. Minimum acceptable offer would be $125k/acre.

If he can’t sell, he’s planning on putting some sort of storage units on the property.

Deal should last for 6-8 months. Looking for interest at 12% but would be willing to discuss equity position. DM me if you’re interested.


  1. Jill Miller

    Hey, Andrew

    Hope all is well!  I have $26,625 in my SDIRA that needs to go to work.  Is this too small an amount for this deal and if not, is he close to reaching the target amount yet?

    Thanks,  Jill Miller