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Debt consolidation/IBC start


Hello all, I am seeking about 50k to put in an annually funded IBC. I will take the available cash value loan out and payoff some of my higher interest debts. I have the income to support a traditional 50k loan but I am wanting to start recapturing interest through my policy.
Seeking 50k @ 8% for 6yrs.
monthly payment of 876.66 for a total of $63,119.67 payback.

by doing this strategy, I can eliminate $2000/m worth of bills, completely covering the $876/m loan payment and I can set up a self payback for my policy so it can start growing. Anyone interested in funding me?

Miguel Meuniot: 918-407-2212

Thanks for the consideration.


  1. Chris Naugle

    Thanks for posting this.  I wanted to give you some advice.  This loan request will not get any interest for a few reasons.  First off its unsecured with no collateral.  Second, its 8% which is far to low in this interest rate environment.  You would need to be closer to 15-20% for this type of unsecured loan.  Plus the whole ask is self serving.  You are not providing any real comfort or benefit to the lender its 100% benefiting you.  If you want to have success you will need to really think through the ask and find a way to collateralize the loan like almost all the other deals and opportunities on PMC.  Just trying to help.