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Do your kids work with you?

Mike & Tracy Pulley

Our oldest turns 18 in 2 weeks. Ever since she was walking she was working with us on our projects. She has worked on hundreds of houses and thousands of hours.

When she was 12 (back in 2019) she “bought” the house in the attached image. She did the due diligence, rental comps, figured out the basic repairs needed to boost the rents. She even negotiated owner financing.


She kept it for 3 years before deciding to turn it into a flip. that required another level of due diligence, coming up with the renovation budget, dealing with a former tenant breaking in and stealing all the copper, designing it, figuring out sales comps and so much more.

She’s now onto another home and plans to keep buying more now that she’s going off to college in the fall.

Do your kids work in your or their own business? What do they do? I want to hear it!

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