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Experienced Contractor Flipping Homes Offers 24% on a 1st and 30% on a 2nd Mortgage

Chris Benson pllc


Selective Real Estate buys homes at a huge discount in the South Shore area in Chicago.

Selective offers 3 security Instruments – Promissory Note – Personal Guarantee – and a Recorded Mortgage

All transactions are processed by an experienced Chicago Real Estate Attorney

The CEO is offering an attractive return – 24% – 30% – these are 6-month terms with an option to easily roll to another 6-month term.

The offering was designed to benefit the investor who is looking for a steady monthly cash flow and to collect an attractive balloon payment at the end of the term.

Please see attached flyers and shoot me a DM for more information

NEW Flyer – investment opportunity (125k) MARCH 2024 NEW Flyer – investment opportunity (75k) MARCH 2024

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