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First Time Introduction

Rick Rumer

I bought my first rental property at the age of 19 but officially started accumulating rentals around 2008.  After quitting my job at JPMorgan Chase, my wife and I got into single-family home fix-and-flips and owner financing before expanding into commercial land ventures in South Texas and real estate note investing. Life took an interesting turn when our family drove to Alaska in the summer of 2015 and didn’t come back.  We went went to work for a non-profit called Priceless where we lead outreach to woman and children coming out of sex trafficking. We then founded our own non-profit and build out a remote property as a place of refuge for those in need of a new start/change of pace.

Now, back in Texas, our role at Secured Land Notes perfectly aligns with our passion for creating fresh starts through housing. We specialize in acquiring land and residential plots, subdividing them, and facilitating owner financing for these lots. We then offer these notes to investors. This process is more than a business to us; it’s about giving people the ability to own a piece of land or a home, a foundation from which they can rebuild or start their lives. Our work is fueled by the belief that everyone deserves the opportunity for a new beginning and creating legacy, and we’re committed to making that a reality through innovative real estate solutions.

We look forward to becoming more active inside PMC and just began the application process for our first IBC based policy.  We originate many 1st lien notes and soon we hope to begin getting a few listed for lenders to participate in.  Drop me a note and/or introduce yourself.


  1. Dwayne Andrews

    Hi Rick and welcome to the community.  Congrats on starting the process of starting your policy.  I have been a member here for about 18 months and found it to be absolutely amazing!  I will be working on possibly doing a seller finance in the near future of a rental and came across a video of you guys with Fusion (Dan D).  I have bought/financed a couple of notes but this will be the first one I’ver ever created so would love some insight.  Again welcome to the community and look foward to hopefully seeing some of your note deals.

    • Rick Rumer

      Hey Dwayne, that’s cool to hear you saw us on Dan D’s podcast.  Let’s talk whenever it’s convenient and I too can’t wait to load some of my notes on here!