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Funded Opportunity – the Passive Play


We recently funded an opportunity with a Private Lender that was presented on this site (see attached).  These opportunities are for lenders who are looking for a longer, more passive, approach of up to 60 months; however, if a Lender needs to access the funds before the end of the 60-months, we can generally cash them out in 60-120 days.

Our deals tend to be basic “Bread and Butter” homes with a 60-month, 12% Interest Only Monthly Payment, 1st Lien Position Opportunity for our Lenders.  At the end of the 60 month period, the Lenders gets the principal loan paid off.  We never buy above 65% LTV and close with a Real Estate Attorney/Title Company who writes up the Promissory Note and Mortgage showing the Lender as the Mortgagee.  The Lender is also named on Title Insurance and Homeowner’s Insurance.

If you would like to discuss further, please message me here and we can set aside time to discuss these opportunities.


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