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Funding for a MHP in Floresville, TX – Make over 55% ROI


Floresville MHP

Above is a link to the presentation. We are looking for $350,000. Will return $120,000 in 18 months at cash out refi.

It has 10 spots with 3 spots taken with POH. 4/2 doublewide for $1,700/mth. 3/2 singlewide for $1,400. 3/2 singlewide for $1,200. A pavilion for $2,000 a month.

Currently cash flowing AS-IS.

City will add 6 new water meters free of charge adding another 6 spots. We will need to do the pads and electric meters and poles.

I’ve talked owners into seller finance with $125,000 down and the rest is for all upgrades and adding 6 more spaces and 6 mobile homes.

Potential cash flow after all expenses and mortgage is over $10k/mth.

Total is $350,000. Seller financed loan is for $625,000. Total all in is $975,000. Projected Value is over $1.5 million.

Plan is to refinance in 18 months. Cash out investor.

Terms are negotiable.



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