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Funding Opportunity 10%+ Returns on Safe Transactions


Hi All!

We are a local lending company based out of Nashville TN. We specialize in transactional funding in the real estate space! For those of you that are not familiar, transactional funding is needed to help wholesalers close wholesale deals when assigning a contract is not available. Common reasons for wholesalers needing are services are 1) State laws and regulations prohibit assignments of contract 2) HUD homes, government owned homes, and bank owned homes are non assignable 3) To protect their ‘assignment fee”.

We do about 20 of these transactions per month and are growing quickly! We are looking for investors to earn a healthy return and help us scale and grow our business! With these types of loans they are same day fundings and very low risk. If you or someone you know is interested in something like this please let me know!


  1. Scott

    hey everyone

    looking to barrow 160k for new flip project. Purchase price is 140k/20k in rehab. House should sell for low to mid 200k

    If interested in lending reach out to me for details on this deal


    Scott Green