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Hello from Baltimore

Boe Franklin

Hey PMC!

New here. I’m a remodeler looking to becoming an investor.  Starting with wholesale with an eye towards flipping 2-3 SFR a year. My goal is to put the hammer away in 3-5 years.

Have access to an old 80s whole life policy to use as remodel funding or short term lending like emd.

Have been consuming knowledge but time for action pushing 60 lol.

Baltimore is a strong real estate market, expensive but fast moving. Mostly Baltimore county and Ocean City areas.

I worked 20 years in investment banking data centers and have a strong belief in systems as a repeatable success strategy.

Looking forward to networking


  1. Chris Naugle

    Nice to meet you.  At first glance I almost went right by your post because you dont have a photo in your profile.  The best advice I can give you is take some time redoing your profile to add photo and a better description telling us who you are, what you do and what you are looking for in PMC.

  2. Darryl Hoelscher

    Hey Boe, I am in the Virginia area and would like to connect and see if we can work together on something. I am looking to develop a rental portfolio and also receive a lot of offers on 3-6 month lending opportunities that I am unable to fund by myself.

  3. Boe Franklin

    Thanks for the welcome.

    I’ll work on a better profile.


    Great to connect in the DMV  Darryl. My cousin lives in the Norfolk area as a result of the navy.  Nice to meet you while I get my feet wet

  4. Fred

    I am Looking for investors! to help with rehab cost. I have a fantastic opportunity to rehab an 8-unit apartment complex with over a large amount of in equity in the ARV. I only need $50,000 for the investment to make this project a reality. Please contact me if you’re interested.