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Hello World!

Jason Witt

I am here looking to lend.

My “retirement” is fast approaching and unexpected life events completely wrecked my plan, leaving me with very little in retirement.

I just submitted my last bit of paperwork establishing a whole life policy and now engaging at PMC to deploy capital.

Super-excited to get this new adventure rolling.


  1. Jonathan & Joaquin

    Hi Jason, welcome to the PMC! That’s unfortunate that the life events wrecked your plans there, but I think you’re in a great community here with Chris, Stephen and the team. Excited for you to get the adventure rolling, and look forward to connecting with you soon! 🙂

  2. Dwight Thevenot

    Nice to meet you Jason. You’re ahead of me in the process it sounds like. Great to hear of others success. I’m waiting on underwriting so that my wife and I can be setup and ready to rock n roll. And thanks for your advice Jonathan.