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Hi everyone! Interested in lending opportunities in Asheville, NC? Great market and experienced team, let’s connect!

Julian Montoya


My name is Julian Montoya. I run Monest Real Estate. We are an investing firm and I am personally a General Contractor and Real Estate Agent.

The Asheville market is very in demand from all kinds of people coming to the city for the beautiful sceneries, breweries, eclectic culture, and mountain real estate.

My company is very experienced in all types of residential real estate transactions and looking for more lenders to build a long term relationship with and make some money together.

Send me a message at Let’s connect to see how we can work together!



  1. Whitehorse Carter

    Hey Julian, 

    I’m in the Asheville area and just joined the PMC.  It’s great to find your post as this is my first time checking out this platform. My lady Genevieve and I just recently connected with a team of investors looking to fund opportunities. 

    I’m an independent contractor doing renovations and my lady is a Real Estate Agent in the area. 

    We are also looking to build long term relationships and collaborate on various types of opportunities.

    Thanks, Carter

    • Julian Montoya

      Hi Eugene, I am working on a couple of opportunities right now but I don’t have a need right at this second. I am looking for private lenders specifically as I have a rolodex of hard money lenders right now. Looking to build an individual relationship with someone that wants to invest.

  2. Domenic Galli

    Hi Julian,

    I’m currently in the accelerator course. Learning all the workings of how to be a lender.  I’m very interested in knowing more of what you have to offer in asheville. Thanks