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How are you finding success within PMC?

Levi Kissack

Hey everyone! I joined about three weeks as a borrower and have reached out to tons of lenders through messages and friend requests, with very little interaction so far. I haven’t been able to attend Money Monday calls yet due to work obligations, but I was wondering what the best way to connect with lenders in the community would be outside of direct messages. It looks like a lot of users aren’t very active, so looking for a way to engage with lenders actively seeking deals. Thanks!


  1. Noah Harris

    I 100% recommend getting on the Money Club Monday calls and the once a month coaching call.  Don’t just hop on the calls but ask to introduce yourself and talk about your business and present your deals if you have one ready to go.

  2. Gold Tran

    Hey Levi welcome! I find most lenders will be weary of new comers due to many who come here and try to find lenders but offer no information about themselves or just disappear. Just like Noah I highly recommend getting on the money club Monday as it’s where many borrowers present their deals and give lenders a chance to get to know them. I know for me it’s taken a bit of time to connect with people since I, too am busy with work but slowly but surely I’m getting there and reaching out to people. Attending the money club Mondays and wealth webinar on Wednesday have web  great to connect with others who are doing the same whether it’s a lender or borrower. Although it won’t be for awhile, going to the money tank was a great experience for me since I got to meet a lot of the people in person and I feel you can connect better with them and form relationships that will be edit the both of you in the long run. Don’t be discouraged and keep at it!