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How do you protect your INVESTMENT IN THESE UNCERTAIN times?



  1. Beau Borinstein

    (I’m a borrower , my recommendation to a lender) I would personally find people investing in first time home buyer flips in markets where there is high demand, good school districts, and not oversupplied. You find high demand by looking at list to pending time across the products in the sold data of zillow in disclosure states. You can research the school district and see what type of school it is which correlates with the people wanting to live in that school district. Oversupply is seen a lot in the major metro, the suburbs seem to be where there is high demand, I would look to see the difference in available/listed product in the urban areas vs the suburban areas.

    Have your buyer show you flips they have done before so you are able to see they are able to execute.

    I would stay away from anything airbnb or anything luxury or anything commercial, with high rates, balloons coming due, oversupply of airbnb with cities cracking down and outlawing/making it impossible to run a business. It seems those are not the routes to go, feel free to reach out and ask me any questions.