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If You Need A Title Company in Florida: This Is Who We Use

Andy & Stacy /RE Investors / Miami, FL / 954-951-9995

Stacy and Andy here. We wanted to share this resource if you’re doing deals in Florida because from our experience, a bad Title Company can kill your deal! For us, Creative Title Services Inc in Miami (they service all of Florida) has played a crucial role in facilitating the closing process for our transactions. The ladies there go above and beyond to ensure a smooth and efficient transaction. They handle the preparation and review of our closing documents: Promissory Notes, Mortgage Deeds, Lien Position docs, Lender’s Policy, and our Lender’s Agreement to have First Right of Refusal and they handle all of the disbursement of funds. If you’d like us to give you a warm handoff to ensure they handle your transaction/future transactions with the same love and care they do for us, please feel free to give us a call at 786-766-2848. Here’s a few videos of deals closed in their office:


  1. Mike & Tracy Pulley

    Thanks for the heads up and the resource. Title companies truly can destroy a deal. I was wholesaling a multifamily and they shared my purchase contract with my buyer. I was sooooooo irate!


    My daughter and I will be coming down to Miami this summer to look at buying a property to utilize as an Airbnb. Look forward to connecting!

    • Andy & Stacy /RE Investors / Miami, FL / 954-951-9995

      They shared YOUR PURCHASE CONTRACT?! Oh wow… they must not have been an Investor Friendly Title Company. We had ALOT of issues using other Title Companies that didn’t have your back, so we understand how serious this can be. Sure, feel free to reach out when you’re in town! 786-766-2848, just mention that you’re a PMC member when calling.