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I’m looking for a long term lender

Kevin Jordan


I currently am looking for a long term lender. I currently have redone a commercial property into a mixed use with 6 units four residential and 2 commercial spaces. There is no debt against the property. 100% occupied commercial tenants are on a 3 yr option for 2 more lease and the other is 10 yr with options every 3rd yr. The property has a 10 yr property tax abatement which there are 7 yr left on and I also live in this property. Appraisal was done in Oct and came back at $680k

I’m looking for a 300K loan long term loan! This will allow me to pick up more properties in the neighborhood. 1 I already have under contract and its a 2 unit next door.  All conversation are welcome!


  1. scheidtsc

    I love hearing this. I hope to be where you are or with partners like you in the future. I am just getting started with PMC and my IBC tools set up but will be circling back soon to see if I can help contribute to the project. I love this hustle and am so happy for your for your success.