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Kendrick Edwards – AIRBNB ON WHEELS Review

Sandra Fry

We’ve been working with Kendrick for a little over two months now. Putting drivers in trucks is like helping people find their way home and with Ken’s set up, everyone involved in the deal comes out with a win. Our first deal with Ken was a 90 day arrangement at 18% interest. Even though the arrangement was for 90 days, Kendrick turned our funds in two weeks. We had loaned $45K to put one driver in one truck. Kendrick returned to us $47,700. In the short term 6% on our funds.

We’ve had several conversations with Kendrick. He’s very knowledgeable and transparent. We’re happy to continue this relationship.



  1. Iris Olivas

    Awesome!  Wonderful to see people are having great experiences with Kendrick and his Cash Flow (AirBnb) on Wheels! I too have funded 3 trucks and a trailer now.  I am really excited to be going to the Truck N Hustle Freight Fest event happening at the end of this month in Houston.  I’m flying in and meeting up with Kendrick in person! We talk business on the phone regularly and have had several zoom calls with him, but it’ll be really great to actually be meeting face to face!