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Lend to a lender?

Bob Coleman

I have officially replaced my w2 income after 6 months of borrowing private money and lending it to the banks. Most lenders in here are likely looking for borrowers who are offering real estate backed loans; however, I’ve turned to lending and I avoid tales of toilets, bad tenants, etc and my borrowers direct deposit into my bank the 15th of every month. The minimum is 40k and the sky is the limit. I’m interested if any of you lenders would be willing to lend to another lender, like me. I have a real estate channel on YouTube, but haven’t posted in a while. Chime in and let me know.


  1. Bob Coleman

    I’ve had a couple people reach out via message here, but the site won’t let me see my messages until I’ve paid the membership fee. If you have questions for me, you can reply here.  I’ll be more likely to see it.

    • Bob Coleman

      Yes, except, I’ll be loaning out to an equity group who lends to banks. In the future, I do see myself lending to investors here as well, but my returns are far greater lending to lenders for now. If you’re interested, I can call the number you have in your title.

    • Bob Coleman

      I’m with you on that statement. If I gain value by being here, I’ll certainly pay for the membership. Until there is conversation that leads to a deal, I don’t need to pay for the membership, as it is simply a forum. For instance, if you want to lend me 50k, I’d pay for the membership in a heartbeat once we close, knowing there is value in this community. Until then, I’m testing the waters.

  2. Heather and Bryan Pavlovic

    Congratulations on successfully replacing your W2 income through private lending. Your approach, focusing on lending rather than dealing with the complexities of property management, is intriguing. I’m interested in learning more about your method and would appreciate a link to your YouTube channel for further insight. It’s always beneficial to explore diverse strategies in this field.


    Best regards,



    • Bob Coleman

      My channel is called Real Estate Investing Unmasked. I haven’t posted a video on over a year, though I may do some this coming year. I hope to have more time on my hands. The lending I do is through a private equity group. I love lending over property management. It’s a game changer in my opinion.