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Lenders… what type of deals are a you looking for?

Michael Kearse

Short terms?


Only land deals?

Only looking to lend in a specific area?


  1. Dwayne Andrews

    For me personally it all depends on the source of my funds.  For example, I some funds that are stored in a self directed account – these funds I am comfortable with lending in a longer term deals say 3-5 years.

    HELOC or home equity line funds I usually will put in shorter term deals say 6 months to 2 years.

    PLOC or personal lines of credit 6 months or less.  This just seems to work for me and I keep a close eye on my credit score and report to ensure it stays within a certain range.  On average most my deals are 15%+.  I lend on all types of deals -nationwide- including mutifamily, single family, land only, EMD, business ventures, notes, etc., and others.

    Good topic!!

    • Nathan Faught

      My wife and I are. We’re currently lending from whole life policy loans (IBC). We’ve got a rehab outfit that provides great rates and personal guarantees. They hold our money for a few months, which allows us to pivot quickly if we need to, rather than being tied up in a long term syndicate. And, they have plenty of deals we can turn right around and reinvest in, so we keep our money working.

  2. Eugene

    Lending on:

    1. Fix and Flip projects

    2. EMDs

    3. Transactional lending

    3a. Double Close (A-B funding only)

    3b. Seller Carry Back (Bringing funds to close a seller carry back deal)

    4. Small bridge loans (30-60 days)


    Have a few partners to cover a bigger range of lending, like MHPs, RVs, Assisted Living Facilities, etc


    Feel free to connect with me