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Lending Opportunities in Land Development

Ryan Lawlor

Hello all, I hope to bring value and help lenders get consistent returns and have their money secured with over $160,000,000 of collateral owned outright.

If you’re seeking a shorter term opportunity (90 days) with access to your money and interest at maturity, I have a very good opportunity for you. We currently are accepting $20,000 minimum, and have many with over a million in the opportunity as well. We’ve been operating this fund since 2020 and have grown stronger each year. Our opportunity is based on our partnerships with proven land developers in which we are able to fund and profit share with them on their deals.

This is a lending opportunity with a strong return. Let me know if you would like specific details that I can send over including: collateral list, sample promissory note, video explaining some of our deals, info on our company, etc.