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Loan Offers

John Walton

We are offering up to 90% LTV on fix & flip/buy & hold, refinancing, cash out refi, HELOC, DSCR, DTI, land loan, business loan, equity, bridge loans, construction loan, conventional loan. PM if interested, website and process. Our rates are between 6.5%-7.25%.


  1. investorgmr

    I recently joined this platform and wanted to introduce myself. I am a real estate note investor. I look to create, buy, and sell real estate notes. I am currently looking for individuals who are looking to lend money. The primary strategy is buy deals in TX. Properties need very minimal or no repairs needed. I look to buy subject to the existing the lien and seller finance the property to an end buyer. I look to structure the deal with the lender as an equity split or fully amortized over 3-5 years. The lender can pick the interest rate. I look for up to $50k to do these deals. Don’t know if you can do loans like this but I thought I would reach out. If you can’t accommodate any referrals would be greatly appreciated.