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Looking for $25k for 3 months

Mara Santos

I am working on a fix and flip in Norcross, GA which purchased was financed by a PML and  planning to use my money to do the repairs.

As other 2 houses taking longer to sell, I want to rather use OPM for a portion of the rehab. This would be backed up by a promissory note, and we could either use the title of my 2018 Acura or a boat we owned clear as a collateral.

Offer: $25k for up to 3 months, could be less as I have one of my houses under contract, with a $1000 payment for a $26k payoff in 3 months or less.

Call/Text me for more info: 678-520-7397 or Email:


  1. Mara Santos

    Thank you Chris! Didn’t even think about that, would definitely add the NADA report and pictures next time.

    For now I got my money.

    Thank you Damon and Noah for your interest!