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Looking for a 30-Day Bridge Loan of $30,000.

Bridget Gladwin & Joseph Banks / 513 970-8951

Looking for a $30,000 Loan for a period of 30-days, against the closing sale of our property that’s located in Albany, NY.

This property is in contract and the Closing is rescheduled for October 9, 2023.

Our offer for the funds is 15%, the Loan will be paid after the closing.

Interested parties can email or text/call 513 970-8951.


  1. Dwayne Andrews

    Thanks to Joseph and Bridget of BPG International, Inc for a smooth transaction and repayment of funds.  Glad I was able to help you guys out and the timing was perferct for me.  It was great to build a new relationship with you both.

    Joe thanks for the open line of communication and getting me access to anything I had questions on.  This was one of the best short term experiences I think I have had and hope to work with you guys again in the near future.  ❤ Less than a 30 day pay off!

  2. Bridget Gladwin & Joseph Banks / 513 970-8951


    The pleasure was ours to work with you.  You actually were our first deal on PMC, you understood what we needed and allowed us to set a great term. Your execution time from our initial contact to funding was impressively swift. I really like PMC, you guys are serious and the Forum was effective for us .  Since paying off and satisfying your deal we are now working on to our 3rd deal and I will definitely stay in touch with you.  Thank you Dwayne Andrews.

    Joseph Banks