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Looking for investors for my real estate startup

  • Hello, investors.
  • currently, I have a real estate startup. I am trying to get shares of my startup sold for my first deal. I need funds at the moment. I currently don’t have liquidity, but I have 100,000 of my company. I say 40% for $50,000 of shares.

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  1. Jonathan & Joaquin

    Hi, I’m not sure how to address you but I would recommend changing your name there to your actual name so that the investors you’re targeting know who they’re investing in. Secondly, and this could be just me, the way you’ve outlined or structured your ask is very confusing. I’d encourage you to break it down further and including as many details as possible, especially if the goal is to have other invest in your business startup, which startups by the way are highly risky. Even more reason to make it make sense and outline solutions to help mitigate risk as much as possible.  Best of luck!