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Looking to lend/ keep the money in my own banking policy!!

Noah Borgman

Currently looking to lend in on deals in the Pmc!! I’m in some of the greatest communities in Realestate there is!!!

looking to add value to other members here on Pmc.
As well as using my own banking policy to pay off private money lenders each month and my own mortgage through my policy’s .

I have quite a few of my own deals I private here as well to other lenders on Pmc.



Gotta take back control of the banking system!!!

stoked to be recapturing 5k + monthly towards other people’s banks not our own🙏🏽🙌🏽




  1. Cherie Seawell

    Hi Noah,

    Great to meet you on this platform.  This is an awesome community.  I am currently looking at obtaining a rental property in Eagle River Alaska.  My son lives there so he can manage the property for me.  What is your lending opportunity like? Would you be interested in funding a renovation to rental?

    If interested, I would love to chat and explain more on my plans and future goals, along with more information regarding the investment property.

    Currently, I want to build up my portfolio of rental units in various locations, along with BnB’s.  I hope to hear from you and look forward to a new adventure!

    My Very Best,

    Cherie Seawell

    cell 303-802-7196


    • Samuel

      BnB’s are profitable, but remember you have to pay taxes on income unlike rental income and the hardest part of Bnb to me is finding then keeping good cleaners.

  2. Ronnie Gentry

    Hi Noah! I am looking for a lender for a rehab project I am currently working on. My current lender needs their money back so I need to replace them. I am looking for $185,000. The house after repair value is $340,000. I have about $8000 more work to do and then I will be listing it for sale. If you are interested in learning more, either text or call me at 828-712-2811.

  3. Steven Daley

    Good Evening Noah,

    A pleasure meeting you, I am interested in borrowing private money for single family properties I am looking to build my portfolio on. I am interested in short term funding  for up to 60 months, I am offering  12% return on your investment . My goal is to build a long term business relationship for a mutual benefit. I can be reached at 914-441-8217 , email address is .

    Looking forward to speaking with you.



  4. Chris Naugle

    I just saw a few good deals posted so if you are looking to lend check the newest deals and also feel free to reach out to me to ask what deals I am lending on and maybe you can jump in on one of them.

  5. Kevin Dixon

    Hey Noah, thanks for posting! My name is Kevin Dixon with KingdomHouse Solutions LLC. thanks for connecting! We are a luxury new construction company looking for partners to lend on secured real estate deals in the Charlotte NC and surrounding areas. We currently have a new construction single family opportunity for lenders looking to park their money 12 months. 19-23% return. Let me know if you would like more information. Would love to discuss in depth. Looking forward to growing the relationship!

  6. Mike Kaspar

    Do you have an interest in NNN daycare ground up NNN deals? Long term leases, exceptionally strong tenant – multi school (10) operator; $4,700,000 cost, $5,600,000 value. $380,000 rent and up. DuPage County IL

    Be the mezzanine lender with a conventional construction loan or be the bank and fund the project.

    Mezzanine rates from 10.5%, fund the project at 12-14%. Two year term.

  7. Scott

    Hey everyone
    Lookin for funding for new flip project lookin to barrow 160k purchase price 140k/20k in rehab should sell for low to mid 200k
    looking for 1yr funding contract points plus monthly interest payment for length of loan

    contract me if interested in lending and I will send info on the deal I have ready to rock n roll


    Scott Green