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Mentor Wanted

Madeline Wheeler

First off I wanted to thank you for your time and I know how valuable it is and I appreciate you spending it on me on that note I’ll get to the point. I’m looking for a mentor on my realtor journey I have a huge drive and passion for Flipping houses and marketing. I have the drive and I will do what I need to do too be able to learn from you except my time and dedication the only thing I want is the opportunity to gain the knowledge you have to offer me. Again thank you for your time I can’t wait to hear from you!



  1. Josiah Wilson

    Looking forward to connecting. I give a lot. I do also have a coaching program which is completely affordable. Would love to have a conversation and see if I can help you in your journey. I am a real estate broker associate with EXP Realty as well as an investor for 8 years full time in real estate. I’d love to add value with a conversation to help you.

    • Madeline Wheeler

      Thank you for your prompt response! I’m truly interested in learning more about your coaching program and how it aligns with my goals in real estate. Let’s definitely connect for a conversation. I’m excited for the possibility to learn from you. When would be a good time for you and a good way to contact you?

  2. Jonathan & Joaquin

    Hey Madeline!

    Welcome to the world of real estate, I truly hope you are incredibly successful throughout your journey. If you haven’t already, I would check out Jamil Damji’s astro Flipping program. It is an entire community of flippers and wholesalers