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Money Tank Utah. PLEASE READ!

Jay Anderson

Honestly I was very reluctant to buy tickets the the Utah Money Tank event. I’ve been to several unaffiliated events in the past, and came away wondering why I wasted my time and money. You can never regain wasted time, but can always make more money. I purchased the VIP ticket at the very beginning of them being offered, and almost daily regretted my decision. I thought about about trying to get a refund, exclaiming that there was some legitimate reason I couldn’t go, like, my Grandmother passed, my vehicle broke down, my dog at my ticket, you know, the old standby’s. But upon further analysis, my Grandmother passed over 20 years ago, I can fix my own vehicles, I don’t have a dog, and how would a dog eat a virtual ticket anyway? Crap. I guess I have to go. At a snail’s pace pace, I packed my suitcase, loaded up in my trusty Ford pick-up, and pointed it South for a 11 hour drive. Many times I thought about just turning around and going home, but something kept pushing, or pulling me on.

I arrived at the meeting place Thursday evening to pick up my goodie bag and register. Was pleasantly surprised by everyone’s demeanor and help getting registered, but cautiously thinking to my self that this is just really an informal calm before the storm get together for a few people, but started to feel better about the event starting Friday morning. Dare I say, maybe looking forward to it?

Friday morning I returned to the meeting facility to find it very busy, and the energy was exhilarating. Everyone, and I mean everyone had huge smiles and a hand out to graciously shake. I started to feel more and more comfortable. 20 minutes into the conference I was glad I came. 2 hours into the event, I was pretty sure that if I had a chance, I would attend another, and by the end of day one, I was positively confident that I wasn’t going to miss another one of these if at all possible. Hooked!

I met so many genuine people that, after a couple of days of reflection, I can truly call friends. I am so excited for the next event, not only to meet new friends, but to shake hands, hug, and catch up with the friends, that really already feel like old friends, I met at the Utah event.

If you’ve been, I’m sure you know exactly what I’m talking about and feeling. If you haven’t been to one of PMC’s events, please, GO! The friendships, knowledge, and opportunities that you will experience, are almost incomprehensible. The speakers, guest speakers, staff, and attendees, have truly changed my life, each and every one of you!

Thank you!



  1. Mark Perry

    It was a pleasure to meet you Jay ! I’m so glad you finally made the decision to come to the event. You are a great person and a good friend. I hope to meet you in the future again. Good investing to you and your next journey  whatever it may be ! Aloha my Friend 🤙🏽

    • Jay Anderson

      Mark, the pleasure was all mine! We didn’t have enough time together to visit, but next time we will! I greatly appreciate the well wishes, and 100 times back to you.

      For the last part, I was always told that Aloha meant Hello, and Good bye, but I didn’t find that appropriate, so I did a little research. Several definitions exist, but I happen to like these: “Aloha is a complex and profound sentimate, such emotions defy definition”, Francis Newton. “Aloha has no equivalent in the English language”, Anna Wierzbicka. And lastly, my favorite, the word Aloha is hard to translate into any other language because it comprises complex ways of being, and of interacting with, and loving all of creation. An ethic care and respect for all people and all elements of the land, is wrapped up in Aloha, it is a way of showing connection and reverence.

  2. Brent & Elizabeth Berdick

    John…. wait I mean Jay. It was great to get to know you bro! Thanks for sitting next to me and putting up with all my silliness. Glad you made it home save. Dude you do have an awesome truck. Reach out when you have any deals. All my funds are tied up but I’d love to see your pipeline so we might be able to do a deal together in the future. Did you give Chris his 20 bucks back? 🙂

    • Jay Anderson

      Hi Brent, great getting to know you as well! What an awesome event! I’ll keep you in mind about upcoming deals, and let you know when they are posted.

      Yes, I gave his $20 back at the end of the session, it could have been his last one! Ha!


  3. Tess Hulack

    Jay!     It was AMAZING having you with us this past weekend.  I am soooo glad that you pushed through and joined us.  I completely understand.  I felt much the same way.  I probably attended because it was a challenge and in those days I was trying so hard to push myself into the places that scared me.  It was the most beautiful push I have received.  This campfire has changed everything and WELCOMING new friends/family is the ULTIMATE.

    I AM SOOOO EXCITED to see you in person again soon.  If you had told me that I would feel HOME with all of you wonderful people a couple of years ago I would have been filled with doubt.  Pushing past have been one of life’s best surprises.

    Looking forward to sharing this adventure/experience in changing lives with you!

    I always say we are the Hotel California.  You can check out anytime you like but you can never leave.  Once you are in the family you are in our hearts FOREVER!


    • Jay Anderson

      It was great meeting you in person as well Tess, although I felt I already knew you from all of the zooms! Very much looking forward to our next meeting in person. This is a great family! Thanks for reading and commenting on my post.

  4. Tammy Smith

    Jay,   What a pleasure it was to meet you.  I am excited to see how your projects progress and look forward to making a personal trip to visit them in the future.

    I was also impressed with how genuine everyone was.  I attend a lot of events and this one was packed with value and amazing people.

    So glad you made the decision to go in person.


  5. Shawna Decker

    Jay! Amazing words my dear new friend. Courage is feeling the fear (or desire to say my dog ate my ticket) and doing it anyways. I love that you not only came but also went for VIP.  And as Tammy said, everyone is so genuine.

    It’s like when you go to a family function and you’ve got your favorite aunt or uncle, or that 1 relative you just are like “phew 😅 thank God {so and so}’s here, I’m going to migrate over by them.”   you sort of are drawn to that safety, comfort, and delight. Except at PMC money tank, the room is 100% filled with THAT 1 person.

    Which, it both blows my mind, but doesn’t… we aren’t the elite, we’re not the “top of something” because we are all apart from the entirety, we are in my eyes, the exception.

    REMARKABLY RARE, appreciate you, and everyone else who showed up in person and virtually.


    • Jay Anderson

      Shawna, once again, thanks for being so kind! Not sure if it was courage, maybe more like I didn’t know any better! Ha! I agree with what Tammy said as well, you usually don’t see that trait in people anymore.

      100% on the favorite aunt statement, I felt very comfortable around everyone. I also really enjoyed your company, and admired your energy throughout entire event, and can’t wait to hang again!


  6. Gold Tran

    Jay! It was wonderful to meet a fellow classmate from Noah’s accelerator finally! I have a lot to learn and honestly learning from you with your many years of experience is something I always enjoy! I had a great time meeting you and many others and high five on us making sure Chris loss that second race haha

    • Jay Anderson

      It was great meeting, and getting to know you a little better as well. I was certainly humbled by all of the knowledge, and I love being the under educated, it’s a sure sign that I’m in the right place with the right people, and a guarantee that I will learn a ton.

      Oh yeah, that go cart thing was fun as hell!

  7. Derek Miller

    Jay, I totally agree with your post.  This was an absolutely enlightening and phenomenal experience and I really didn’t run into a person that I did not genuinely enjoy meeting.  I really just can’t wait to do this again.  PMC is where it is at and we are part of the foundation that is going to really grow this into something monumental from now into our future generations!  I am really trying to get to meet and reach out to each one of you, so if I haven’t connected with you yet please connect with me.  Thank you and LFG!!!!!

  8. Jay Anderson

    100% Derek! Please reach out if you think there is something I can help you with, I’d love to try, or at least get you pointed in the right direction. You’re right, this thing is gonna be huge!

    • Jay Anderson

      It was such an honor to meet you and Christy in person, and I truly value our new friendship. Thank you immensely for all of the knowledge you so readily share with me and the rest of the PMC group. Looking forward to spending more time with you two, and listening to Christy’s stories, she’s very enthusiastic, love her energy!!