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Money Tank – What was your biggest takeaway?

Mike & Tracy Pulley

What a great event this last weekend! Thanks so much Chris, Stephen, Shawna, Joel and all the other PMC/BYOB team members I have not met yet.


Whether you were there in person or online what was your biggest takeaway?


For me there was sooooo much, but Bob Bluhm had me completely captivated! I was talking with Joel at the break and he was saying that even thought he had everything se up right (I felt like I did as well) that he felt naked and exposed in business and I have to agree.


Jamie’s speech about communication was also impactful.


I look forward to connecting with you all and growing together!



  1. Diogie23

    The event over this past weekend was such an eye opener.  As with others the most awakener was the information Bob Bluhm provided.  Bob showed how incredibly vulnerable my family is.  Therefore we are taking the next step to create invisibility while creating  a legacy for generations.