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Multi Family Passive Investments with 16-22%+ Annual Rate of Return

Justin Abee

Are you tired of chasing your PML capital around? Do you want longer-term investments that perform as well if not better than your PML?! Want better tax benefits with your investments?! We provide opportunities for investors to earn double-digit returns backed by tangible multifamily assets as well as tremendous tax benefits to offset your income.

We focus on projects in emerging markets in landlord-friendly states. We partner with expert operators with thousands of doors, years of experience, and a proven track record of success to ensure our savvy investors are cared for. Our operators handle the tenants, toilets, and termites and you can focus on the passive income and compounding capital. Don’t worry, when it’s time to exit a property there will be an opportunity to reinvest your capital!

Unsure if multi-family real estate is the right investment for you? We refer back to the acronym IDEAL: INCOME- quarterly cash flow payments and return of investment, DEPRECIATION- The building, not the land depreciates as you hold onto the asset, reducing your taxable income, thru cost segregation and bonus depreciation EQUITY – Our equity stake in the property increases as we use rental income to pay down the loan each month, APPRECIATION- unlike single-family home investments, multi-family investments can have “forced” appreciation by increasing the NOI (net operating income) through strategic improvements, and LEVERAGE- by using borrowed funds from agency loans to control an investment we can actually increase the yield.

Multifamily has been called the perfect investment (Forbes June 2022) for one main reason- it is predictable. As the stock market fluctuates, single-family home prices balloon and shrink, and crypto becomes the best thing ever to collapse the next day multi-family continues to perform. We partner with expert teams with years of experience and thousands of doors under their belt to create predictable cash flow, equity growth, and tax incentives all while being truly passive. Invest with us in the best asset class on the market.