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Need a lender for at least $195k and need to lend $185k

Mara Santos

I have a fix and flip project closing March 20th or earlier. I need at least $195,000 to cover for the purchase price or up to $250,000 to cover repairs. At $195,000, I will cover the repairs.  More information in the project attached. My projects are usually done in about 1-2 months and sold in less than 4 months, you should have your money back within 6 months or else I will start looking into refinancing for long term rental.

If you can loan and also looking for money for your project, let’s work together, I will have $185k available at the beginning of March.

Loan-Proposal-795 Brittany Dr


  1. Mara Santos

    This is located in Stone Mountain, GA

    I work 2-3 flips at a time, they are cosmetic quick flips with ARV in the $300k, which is a great sale point in the area. I see these ranges as less risky and quick in and out. I am very conservative estimating ARVs and repairs, and I put my offers, calculating earnings to be around $30,000. This method have worked for me, netting between $25k and $45k consistently. So even when  I go over budget, or not selling at estimated ARV, I can adjust and still be profitable in less than 4 months.

    Which area do you work? And what opportunities are you seeking?

  2. Pprecourt

    Hey Mara, If your looking to lend, I have Sf, Looking to borrow, 170k (65% ltv), 6-12 Months, first position, currently$1925/ Monthly rental income, currently free and clear. Terms are negotiable. Some other “life stuff” has changed and we need to pull out some cash.