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Need to borrow for a property in Las Vegas Nevada

Claudia N Brown

Hello, I am Claudia Brown, I am a licensed realtor for over 20 years.  I provide affordable housing for the workforce by renting by the room.  As of today, we have 40 rooms, cash flowing 2x in comparison to regular long-term rentals. Our houses are located in Tampa, Jacksonville, Las Vegas and Phoenix. I am looking to raise capital for our newest project, a SFR in Las Vegas NV, scheduled to close on or before August 15th 2023.  Details below. I have an independent appraisal done thru a bank as we initially were doing a DSCR, floor plans, Rehab bid, and my other properties we have done.Brown appraisalAs is Floor planModified FPScope and Bid copyFlyer with QR CodeFlyer with QR codeFlyer with QR code

$325,000  Purchase price

Rehab $40,000

Furniture and appliances $11,000

12% annualized return (monthly interest payments)

3 month terms or less

Recorded mortgage

Promissory note

My own money $100,000

Borrow in first position $276,000


  1. Claudia N Brown

    Hello fellows investors.  So the post did few days agos I did not get any response.  That is the first post I have ever done asking for funding.  I got the funding, I went the regular and familiar route, “a private lender”.  But, I would like to learn more about how to put a deal together and how to compose the post  that would atract investors, would someone critique and help me?  Like taking the same scenario how can this be more compelling,  is it my resume, the type of investment, the return?  You can be honest, but be helpful:)