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New to the platform


Hello, I’m Sharron and this is my first experience lending.  Looking forward to helping those seeking funding. Also, I’m open to any advice you can offer to newbies.


  1. Noah Harris

    Hi Sharron!  Welcome!  Exactly what Chris said.  Join the monthly coaching calls.  1.  Mortgage or Deed of Trust 2.  Promissory Note 3.  Personal Guarantee 4. Listed on the Insurance 5.  Always wire to an Attorney or Title Company conducting the closing.  Just like a bank would want.  That’s a good start! And trust your Gut!

  2. Darian

    Hey Sharron, I’m new as well! I’m a Residential Flipper in the budding Indianapolis market! If your looking for low cost-high spread investments or just intricate market research, I’m here to assist!