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Older posts still “active”?

Iris Olivas

Hello everyone! I am a new member here and looking to lend. I notice there are a lot of posted deals that are older and still “active”. Is there an easier way to sort through these and know if they have already been funded without having to send out messages to each one?

Thanks! 🙂


  1. ssj7brandon

    I’m interested if you can get back to me I’m looking to help grow my business I really only need about 7,000 but I would love 10,000 to do even more I have an idea or ideas I have a building and I already have some clients but in order to get right with the city and other things I need a little help I’m a single Dad I have custody of my kids and I work for my self

  2. Gold Tran

    Hi Iris,

    also facing the same issue. Chris mentioned that a lot of them do it as a way of advertising and I found that just contacting them that they’ll discuss options and out you on a list for the next person to call when the next funding deal arises.