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PML Needed in an Existing Sober Living Home Cash Flowing Now… Waco Texas


INVEST IN A CASH FLOWING SOBER LIVING…..PML NEEDED:  $76000 bridge loan for 12 months with 15% Return For an Experienced Investor for a performing Soberliving Home in Waco Texas. This is already cashflowing+.   This is a secure investment with a proven operator with a 675+ FICO and multiple houses in her portfolio. 2nd Lien + Personal Guarantee,  House in Waco, Texas, looking for Gap Funding to Pay off Hard Money Loan and before asset is seasoned enough to get a maximum DSCR Loan.  DM For more details. Anyone interested in SoberLiving..this is a great way to learn…she will share some of the ins and outs of sober living.