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PML Opportunity: 18 months, 15 percent APR on a land deal in first lien position with a (Positive) twist.

Greg S. Reid

Imagine, being part of project where we make money, while inspiring the lives of others.

Greetings all, Greg S. Reid here. many know me as a writer and filmmaker, yet the true claim to fame is being the founder of Secret Knock and Prosperity Camp.

*Where like minded leaders come together and inspire the lives in others.

The land deal proposed is simple.

As fortune would have it, I’ve secured one of the last great parcels along the San Diego coast where we will be building a permanent residence along with Bungalows, meeting space and ampatheater to host live in person gatherings like never before.

The property is simply incredible.

3.48 acres of majestic rural/residential land that backs into coveted open lagoon space. Unheard of in this area.

Next door is an equestrian park and vineyard that is simply stunning.

An extra benefit of this property is that is has one of the last water rights with onsite well.

The historic barns and windmill will be brought back to its glory to add additional value to the property that is already off the charts.

This raise request is 1.3 million for a length of 18 months to cover the land, arbor improvements, and additional architectural design.

Once secured, we will immediately seek a construction loan to ensure everyone is paid back promptly and always on time.

Note:  By joining me along this journey, as a bonus – you will receive complimentary access to our upcoming Secret Knock in Las Vegas this Sept to witness first hand the power of our collaboration and community.


  1. Greg S. Reid

    Upon completion, this property will create a ‘host’ residence,  permanent guest house, 5 ADU type bungalows, tree/ropes team empowering course, horse riding ring, Tented event space with built in outdoor amphitheater to host live events.