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Private Aviation Assets: Guaranteed 36% ROI

Britt Morton
Our private aviation asset company has been in business for over two decades cultivating relationships in the aviation industry. We are able to purchase assets below market pricing to turn a profit. And with over $450M in previous deals, we are looking for the next wave of investors.
We are currently seeking a total investment of $20M from one or multiple investors for our next phase. The return model is a 0.5% dividend distributed monthly – not as a loan, but as a monthly incentive for your investment. Once the company sells in 6 years, you will receive your original investment back in full.

EXAMPLE: An investment of 20M would pay you a dividend of 100K per month until the company is sold, at which time you receive your original investment of 20M back in full. Total net gain is 7.2M.

Full data room available for review.