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Private/Hard Money


Looking for a private/hard money lender for a raw land deal. Not looking to attend anyone’s training programs. Not looking for a partner. Just need a lender. Will repay + fees when the deal is complete. If you can assist, please contact me at or  (979) 402-0392. (text only). Thank you.

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  1. treviresgubsone

    Hi Everyone,

    if you are in need of a PRIVATE LENDER for all kinds of deals. I have been using this for my deals and i must say they’re awesome, easy process. Also they fund you regardless of your credit profile, good or bad, you only need to have an income to qualify and approve you. Yes, they fund you huge amounts $100k-$1m and above.

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    Contact him now

    ‪(951) 444-5107‬ (Text Please before call)