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Private Home Equity Sharing


Private Home Equity Sharing Agreement

Investment time period: 5 years

Home Equity Sharing Agreement at 20% of the total sale of the property within 5 years for $100,000 investment. At the end of 5-years condo will be sold.

Address: 10150 E. Virginia Ave. #18-102, Denver, Colorado 80247

Condo Appraised Value as of 12-5-23 is $263,000.

Denver, Colorado Area is estimated between 2% – 5% increase per year in property value.

100% owned condo in a gated community, No Mortgage, HOA $400 per month, Homeowners Insurance $437 per year, Property Tax $1,200 per year, No Liens on property. Investor will be in the 1st Lien position on condo deed.

Condo will be owner occupied during the 5-year investment period. Condo will be kept in good condition. Condo will be updated with new a/c units and new carpet before sale of condo within 5-years. This will increase the value of the condo by an estimated $20,000.

Example: Condo starting value as of 12-5-23 is $263,000. Condo estimated value within 5-years at $305,000. Estimated increase in property value of $42,000 (without home improvements added). $100,000 investment returned + $61,000 (20% of total sale) = $161,000 estimated at sale of condo within 5-years.

Contact William Hoyt at 720-410-0617 if you’re interested in private home equity sharing agreement.