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Private money is everywhere! Are you practicing?

Noah Harris

Hey Everyone!  Coach Noah here!  Huge shout out to those of you who just went through the borrower and lender accelerator coaching programs.  Both groups crushed it.  Everyone knows that Private Lending is the way to go on both the borrower and lender side.  But what stops a lot of people from getting involved is the education and the communication side of the business.  I put a big emphasis on practicing how to present YOURSELF and YOUR DEALS.

To all the members who took the course I hope you are practicing!  What’s great about PMC is that everyone in here at least understands the concept of private money lending.  That part is out of the way.  Yet, what I’d encourage everyone to do is to practice explaining how it works outside of the platform too.  Let’s work on explaining the process, our buying criteria, the documents we always provide to keep our lenders secure, and everything else we learned.

Yesterday was career day at my son’s elementary school.  We went through what a day in the life of a real estate investor looks like.  Then at the end talked about how we fund our deals.  We might have been teaching the kids but we were speaking to the teachers 😉  Wouldn’t ya know it…there was a lot of interest and a future appointment set.

I’m curious to see who’s practicing? If you’re not sure what to practice, sign up for the next one!  Looks like the next group will be staring in May.

Remember…to everyone looking to lend…Trust but verify, inspect what you expect, and secure your loans!


    • Noah Harris

      Hey John!  With a smile like that you and I are going to get along great!  Can’t wait.  Looks like you operate with purpose.  I love it.  Let me know if you need anything ahead of time!

    • Noah Harris

      4 Weeks of webinars and 4 weeks of Q&A support via email and slack channels.  I’m still here to assist any way that I can!  I’m also posting videos this weekend from questions that have come in that I feel the whole group can benefit from.  Those will be posted on SLACK

  1. Dawn Martson

    Oh, ok. I misunderstood the length of the Zoom classes. So do I get a certificate shown on my profile?? How does that work? I’ve already been practicing the last two years with PMC and have lended on 5 deals now. The class was very informative and I got some golden nuggets for sure!

  2. Noah Harris

    Yes, you will receive a badge next to your name in your profile.  The Q&A support period is roughly two more weeks.  So I believe around the first week of May the badge will be there as a participant from the class.