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Refinance for MHP with NNN Operator

Brooke Wells


I am new here but have been on both sides of the investing coin, acting as the bank as well as doing real estate deals and I pride my career on solving problems with unique solutions in the multifamily and commercial space as a broker and investor. That said, I thought this would be a great first deal to present of this platform.  For more information about me feel free to review my website.

The links below you will find the deal in which the Lessor is attempting to find funding to cash out to invest in other opportunities as well as the link to the property being listed for sale online.

Beginning on September 1, 2023 he will be NNN leasing his mobile homes to an operator. Lessor owns these parks free and clear and was approached with an several owner finance offers as to be expected with Mobile home parks. After weeding through those offers we decided that the best option was to instead lease the properties to an operator and leverage the property.


LeaseExample Attachment to Commercial Lease Agreement (2)