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Rehab costs short term loan!

Ron Cahalan


  1. Ron Cahalan

    Hi Brian… yes, I would expect so. We are targeting 12-24 deals this year and like all RE re-construction and fix and flips, that is dictated more by available capital to be able to act quickly than it is by availability of opportunties. We should set up a zoom or google meet chat and explore further if you’d like. Have a blessed day! rc

  2. Ron Cahalan

    Hey Brian…. it was a pleasure meeting you (virtually anyway 😉

    My company email is:

    Direct mobile is: 480-204-1812


    Send me the details on the funding outline you mentioned. I will reach out to PML ofr the sample contracts. I have some I use too but since we came through PMC, it is prudent to use theirs I think. Talk soon! Have a blessed weekend! rc