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Rehab Investor Seeking Private Lender in Dallas, Texas

Duane J Johnson

I’m looking for one Private Investor, just one is all I need, who is ready and willing to invest in the fix and flip market here in Dallas/DFW area.

As you will see in the video, I have the knowledge and experience as a fix and flip investor. However, life has hit me with a couple lefts and a couple of strong right hands which has left me wondering what happened and why. I want to go on record saying, “you will NOT find anyone one this platform or online with a greater appetite then me desiring to get BACK INTO the fix and flip game!” Willing to explain in more detail upon request.

What my heart desires is, would be to find someone interested in working with me for a ROI favorable to them as well as myself. It’s that simple! I’m NOT begging, borrowing, and I am far from a thief. I am NOT an employee but an entrepreneur that is easy to work with, especially when it comes to construction management, rehabs, and learn more about the business. Hands On!

This method of sourcing investors is unusual and I understand, and there is nothing usual about me or my story. If you’re interested in learning more, please contact me at


I’m NOT looking for lenders that run credit checks or someone demanding skin in the game. The type of investor I am searching for is looking to put their money to work for a favorable return while partnering with me and my vision. All legal, No Scam, just a hunger and a thirst for a successful real estate career.

Thank You





  1. Duane J Johnson

    Thank You we can definitely link and share some ideas. What do you have in mind? What market are you currently active in? What’s your niche, single multi, land, etc.? Let’s talk

  2. Freddy Rivas 206-250-8120

    Hello Duane,

    Like your presentation.  I saw your looking for private investors for wholesaling?  Do you mean your looking for EMD/Double Closing for these projects?  If you are I am a Transactional Lender.  I specialize in EMD/Double Closes.  My partner and I are funding 5-10 deals a month.  If you or anyone you know needs these services let me know.

    I am PML and work with a network of PML’s.  We lend on Gap funding in 2nd position.  We do volume funding.  We do have an onboarding process to verify the borrower experience.

    If any of these services interests you let me know.  Thanks for listening.