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RV Park

Ginger Pickett

I have Mom and Pop RV Park  on 2.27 acres under contract in Mexia, TX. I’m trying to sell contract to cash buyer. I spoke with a friend that is a deveoper and he said it has ton of potential for expansion of at least 40 RV’s. If I don’t get it sold thinking about buying it myself and maybe owner financing it out to another buyer that doesn’t have the cash. I live a couple hours away and can’t manage it myself right now.  Would anyone be interested in helping me work this out. My nephew and I have been learning Real Estate investing this past year. This is our first deal and I don’t want to mess it up.  Want to see it through even if we have to come up with money to buy it.  A Owner already has another property under contract so if I don’t do this deal she loses $1000. Any help or advice would be appreciated.  Thank you!