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Seeking Funding


Good Morning and Merry Christmas to the PMC Family, My name is Steven Daley, I am seeking funding on the purchase of single family properties from $15-$30K, 1st. lien position  @ 12%  over 60 months . I am looking to build long term relationships from a private lender for mutual benefit. I am hope full to connect and build on opportunities currently before me. I can be reached at My number is 914-441-8217. Looking forward to networking and building with each and everyone of you. Happy Holidays to you and your Family.

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  1. Heather and Bryan Pavlovic

    Hello Steven,

    Merry Christmas to you too. I appreciate your clear outline of the funding requirements for single family properties. May I offer a suggestion? For greater appeal and clarity, consider including key details like the terms of your request in the post title. This would provide more immediate insight and attract the right connections. I’m keen on reviewing these opportunities and try to do so weekly (here on PMC), though presently we are all set. We may be ready lend again before the end of next quarter, and may contact you to delve deeper into potential collaboration nearer to that time. Feel free to reach out otherwise.